Professor A.Kalangos

Professor Kalangos is involved in the humanitarian field since 1998. He performes his humanitarian actions in cardiovascular medicine through the “Kalangos Foundation” (Geneva Switzerland), the Global Heart Network (Delaware USA) and the Humanitarian Association “Hearts for All” (Geneva Switzerland) which was integrated into the “Kalangos Foundation” in 2018. In 2003, the “Kalangos Foundation” launched in Geneva the organization of the international global forums on humanitarian medicine in cardiology and cardiac surgery (GFHM).  In 2014, the foundation launched also the organization of the Euro-Asian Symposium of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.  These both scientific events are jointly repeated every 2 years since their introduction. In 2015, the humanitarian organization “Coeurs pour tous Hellas” was founded in order to expand the humanitarian actions of the foundation in Greece. In march 2019, the “Kalangos Foundation” will start editing  the “Journal of Humanitarian Cardiovascular Medicine” which will give the opportunity to physicians of low income countries to publish their own scientific and humanitarian experiences in cardiovascular medicine. 


The main targets of the foundation are:

  • to provide access to medical and surgical care for all children suffering from congenital and acquired cardiac diseases who live in middle and low income countries. Since 1998, more than 17’000 children were treated by the teams of the “Kalangos Foundation” either in their own countries or in several medical care units of Europe
  • to provide medical and surgical training facilities to medical and paramedical staff of different middle and low income countries.
  • to create specific “heart institutes” in middle and low income countries.
  • to improve the infrastructure and equipments of existing care facilities in these countries.



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